Why Is There Never Time for Meditation?


I live alone — so there is only one person to do all that is required to do life..... I know that meditation can help prioritize — yet — (especially in summer — with a very large garden) I have to accept that I never feel like there is time to have a conscious lifestyle (including meditation, kriya, exercise, conscious food purchase and preparation, enough sleep) plus all that life entails...

I live very simply .... yet feel like there isn’t enough time to meditate as much as I would like.

—Marcela Ries, USA - California


Try thinking about what you reasonably can do at this point in time. Start by small doable changes for a more ‘conscious’ lifestyle. If you can only start with a 10 minute meditation in the morning, make it a very focused and concentrated effort. You may find that the connection with the infinite will guide you to arrange your day so you can accomplish everything you need and want to do. Then do the same before bed and you will rest better. A concentrated effort however short is very valuable. It will begin to help open a new thought pattern on how to ‘get everything done’. You may find, then, that you can gradually increase that time for meditating and then more able to change your lifestyle to what you want it to be. Remember to ask for God’s help in a prayer from your heart asking how to best use your time. Especially those times when your mind tells you do not have time for this or for that. There may be activities you can simplify and with God’s help you may be inspired in ways you never considered possible. Your life will become more centered, productive, directed and more fulfilled. Put God and the connection with Him first and everything will fall into place. Many Blessings on your efforts.