Will My Efforts Be Wasted If I Fail?


I’m a MBBS graduate and I took a one-year drop to prepare for a PG exam for which I’m not sure whether or not I'll even be selected for the next PG exam. I keep thinking about this daily and feel that if I don't get selected my whole year will be wasted. I would like an answer for this question as to whether my time will be wasted if I am selected or not?

—Shreya, India


Dear Shreya,

No effort towards a worthy goal is ever wasted. It’s not factual knowledge or academic degrees that are a measure of one’s worth and accomplishment. It’s the sincerity, concentration, and whole-hearted effort that ennobles your character and consciousness. In short, expansion of our “energy and consciousness” is the name of the soul’s path to happiness.

Go forth, then, in full faith that “Thy (higher) will be done!” So long as you put forth your sincere best, THIS will be your truest victory, regardless of pass or fail. No person great in the eyes of history has ever achieved his or her recognition without failures, sometimes many failures.

Failure is only a stepping stone to success for those whose faith in themselves and faith in the goodness of God and the purpose of life remains strong.

I have often heard other people say of their education that it was “wasted” because they didn’t pursue the career to which it led (or because they did not finish their degree). But that’s only “true” from the “outside in.” All sincere efforts are for our own growth and maturity and whatever steps we take in life in honest and sincere pursuit of our dreams, goals, or worthwhile activity cannot be said to be wasted.

Fear not; trust in goodness, God, and your own highest Self.

Blessings & Joy to You,
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA