Willpower Attracts the Divine Presence


In difficult situations when I am mentally very low, meditation doesn’t quite work to calm/still me as I am not an advanced practitioner. Is there any strong affirmation/technique which can make me feel good? Is there something that will give me confidence and power to act upon overcoming this situation, rather than not going down the spiral of depression and non-action? The need of the hour is a long task which is not my forte/inclination but may be my karma, but I can't seem to find the drive to conjure it.

—Anurag, India


Dear Anurag,

Thank you for your question! Actually many devotees — even long-time meditators — are faced with that same problem. This is not an unusual dilemma for sincere truth-seekers! Don’t give up! Keep trying! Even little steps in a positive direction will attract more of the same.

Consider making God your constant companion. Constant remembrance throughout the day will bring His presence nearer, clearer, and stronger for you. If you keep God with you in the silence of your heart all day, when the time comes for your spiritual practices, God will already be with you.

Try doing everything with God, for God, and because of God. As you go about your busy life, talk to God as you would a friend or loved one. Ask God “What is next?,” or “What do you think?” You will find that willpower supports your efforts, keeps a balance in your life, and helps to maintain your energy dynamically. Willpower can and will increase.

Here is an affirmation to use at times when you need to increase that quality of willpower:

“My will is to do that which is right to do. Part, all you mountains that stand in my way! Nothing can stop my progress!”

Repeat throughout the day. This affirmation will help to awaken the warrior spirit within. Repeat it as often as you may need for encouragement. This affirmation, along with talking to God in the language of your heart, will help to keep you always in the Divine Presence. Ask God for His blessings and guidance in all you do. You are His very own and He wants to lift you up.

Many blessings on your efforts.

Joy to You,
Nayaswami Hassi