With Closed Eyes I See Angels and Demons


When I close my eyes – let me clarify and say I am not meditating – I feel movement in the center of my forehead, and then I’m able to see angels or demonic spirits. Perhaps I don’t see the entire being perfectly, but it’s form. If it’s evil it’s dark, and if it’s angelic beings it’s just bright. So my question is: what does this all mean? Thx.

—Tenaz Mehta, Usa


Dear Tenaz,

When we dream at night and see pictures (dreams), they are caused by the life-force which has withdrawn into the spine and then rises upward, passing through our subconscious mind and forming into those pictures, almost like a movie. There can also be superconscious “movies,” but they are rare.

The same can happen when you aren’t sleeping, when you are awake. You say that when you close your eyes you feel energy at the forehead. It’s exactly that energy which forms those pictures, angelic or demonic. Very probably they are projections of your own mind and not an objective reality.

You are seeing the eternal battle in the world, which is also happening to you inwardly (and which happens in all of us): light against darkness. What this means is that you should try to figure out what are the luminous angelic qualities in you, and what are the dark ones. Then do your very best to nourish the light in your life. Where there is light, darkness cannot exist.

Don’t get fascinated by the dark side. It has a great ability to appear so. But it will end up making you suffer. The luminous qualities are not worldly, but they will bring you true joy in the long run. Be wise!

All the best,