Why Do I See a Hole When I Close My Eyes?


While mediating my head goes up and with closed eyes I see that I am in a hole. A dark pink light appears and there is something else. If I go there, will I slip away?

—Manita Gurung, Nepal


Dear Manita,

No, you will not slip away. That “hole” you are entering the “cave of silence” in the spiritual eye. Yogananda said: “True union with God dwells within us, in the cave of stillness, in the cave of serene intuitive wisdom, in the cave of the spiritual eye.”

There, in that “cave,” we can see lights, or colors, and you happen to see a pink one. Don’t be afraid. “For lo! peace awaits you in the unknown.”

Try your best to follow Yogananda’s advice: “Seek time to be alone; and in the cave of inner silence, you shall find the wellspring of wisdom.”

All the best,