With Spiritual Power Comes Responsibility


from my years of spirituals practices there has been a lot of changes into my consciousness sometimes during meditation i enter deep and higher consciousness i feel like i’m not of this world and why am i here? and the interesting part the things around me starts moving without touching them sometime electric bulbs fluctuate when i’m near them,sometimes whatever i’m thinking is becoming true.what’s all this please provide guidance according to your knowledge.

—Ruchit, India


Dear Ruchit,

It’s natural for anyone who is spiritually inclined to wonder why he or she is here. But there’s always a reason: we have some things to work on!

Because people have magnetic fields, some devices (especially those that use electricity, such as lights, telephones, digital watches, computers) can be affected by those magnetic fields. Some people need to wear old-style mechanical watches, because digital watches malfunction due to those their magnetic fields. In fact, some people affect mechanical watches as well.

If your thoughts are materially affecting external events, that can be a useful ability. However, it carries with it great responsibility to think only beneficial and selfless thoughts. Anyone who thinks harmful or selfish thoughts will experience corresponding bad karma—and the stronger that person’s mental power, the worse the karma.

So strive always to use your magnetism intentionally and beneficially. Try to focus your thoughts and energy, and be very conscious of how you use them. Toward this end, it will help if you practice Paramhansa Yogananda’s Energization Exercises, meditate regularly, and try to live from your center, from your spine. And if you do feel the ability to affect outward events, always ask God to guide your use of that ability.