With So Many Negative Events in My Life, What Can I Do?


There is a lot of negative events in my life, as soon as I resolve one there is already the next one, a never ending file of problems. I have no regular spiritual practice, I pray and also try to meditate but those negative events interrupt my daily routine, create chaos and such fear in me that I am unable to meditate.

Can you give me an advice how I can dissolve or get away this negative energy from my life? How can I create enough positive energy within me despite the darkness around me?

—Veronika Millonig, Austria


Dear Veronika,

This in general is a tough time for many people. In truth it’s a good thing: we are being asked to grow stronger right now.

Here are things you can do to counteract these negative influences and states:

  • THOUGHTS have magnetism. Positive thoughts will attract positive situations. Find some positive affirmation and fill your mind with it. For example this one by Swami Kriyananda, from Affirmations For Self-Healing: “My outer life is a reflection of my inner thoughts. Filled with the joy of God, I express His joy and harmony in everything I do.” If the word God doesn’t resonate, say instead, “…Filled with inner joy.”
  • Keep your own ENERGY high, as much as you can. Low energy creates a low aura, which makes you vulnerable. A strong energy creates strong aura and outer situations and energies will effect you less. Yogananda’s Energization Exercises help wonderfully.
  • If you can’t meditate, try to practice YOGA as a movement-meditation. Breathe regularly and deeply in the postures, which will help you calm the inner chaos. Then sit and practice a pranayama, maybe even-breathing (inhale, hold, exhale for the same count, 12 times). Afterwards sit a little in silence.
  • Keep a great soul, a MASTER or saint mentally at your side during the day. His or her energy will affect and strengthen yours.
  • Listen to really positive and uplifting MUSIC. It has a stronger influence than we often believe or know.
  • Keep PRAYING and you will be fine.

All the best, it is all for your best, for your growth,