At Work I Don’t Get Any Recognition. Should I Quit?


I believe that respect is the baseline for two individuals, both on a personal & a professional level. I am a hard working employee, but have not been getting any recognition. Those who are performing less than me have still gotten moral boosting, but in my case i only work without any respect... it’s like I’m there until the company finds a suitable replacement. Shall i leave my job even though i have no new offer, since i really feel I’m suffocating.

—Tanya, India


Dear Tanya,

Is it possible to speak with your boss, asking him/her for clarity? “Why am I not getting any recognition? Are you unhappy with me and my work?” Often honest communication clears the air.

If that is not possible, still I wouldn’t leave. Often the situation we perceive is very different from reality. Your boss might for example feel, mistakenly, that you know that you are a hard and well working employee, and that you don’t need any boosting.

Another thing: karmically we experience what we ourselves have done in some distant past, to now learn from that situation. So now your task is to give a lot of recognition and appreciation to others, to your colleagues, friends, family, or people working below you. Karmically this is the way to dissolve your difficulty.

Another thing, pray to God as a child: “Father (Mother), I really need recognition. I am suffocating, as I don’t get any at work, so can You give it to me in some other way?”

God is always on our side if we are on His side. With Him/Her all becomes easier.

If it should indeed happen that your company dismisses you, then take it as an opportunity. One door closes, another one opens, maybe a better one. The more you put yourself trustingly in God’s hands, the more you relax: “Whatever happens, I am safe.”

All the best to you,