Working with Your Karma


Is there any link between the way one looks and one’s karma? Why are some people exceptionally fat or thin, pretty or ugly? Is there any way one can say an affirmation or do a visualisation to improve one’s looks? Specifically, is there anything that can be of help to lose weight besides a healthy diet and excercise? I have heard about psychological reasons for obesity. Just curious to know if there is a spiritual lesson too.

—Devika, India


Thank you for your thoughtful question. The law of karma is about cause and effect and a vast one to understand. Here are some thoughts.

Physical and psychological characteristics are influenced by karma. All parts of our being- genetic, cultural and social are influenced by karma. Every human trait and tendency is self-acquired either in this life or in former lives because of karma. It is the result of individual choice.

At the same time karma can be improved or changed. To feel bound by karma is to dilute our inner power to overcome. Instead you can affirm, “There are no obstacles: There are only opportunities!” Look for the lesson in all of life’s difficulties or challenges.

There are ways to work with your tendencies brought on by karma. Our karma is meant to bring us back to God. Seek answers in God in the inner silence and with self offering ask for guidance on how to handle what is ours to do. Accept ‘what is simply is’ and then consider what can be done about it.

A way to work with a karmic tendencies is to realize it is a lesson for us. It may be to learn to develop will power, perseverance or discrimination and then we will change any tendency. If weight is the concern, may be it is will power with diet that is the lesson. You can re-shape every karma! If is an unpleasant disposition is the concern, may be being resourceful to find ways to inner happiness is the lesson. There is always an opposite response to all circumstances.

An affirmation is: “As I learn the lessons that life teaches me, I grow toward ever-greater joy and freedom.” While you are saying the affirmation, visualize Divine Love Itself as the Nearest of the Near and Dearest of the Dear. Let that visualization fill you with God’s love and light, purifying and uplifting all your tendencies.

Also, discriminate as to what is really important to focus on. Too much concern with physical appearances may not be the best use of our time and focus. That choice of what to change is only yours to make. Follow your inner guidance and ask God what is pleasing to Him first. In the language of your heart listen for His directions. And remember how much He loves you!

Many blessings on all your efforts to find God.