Worship of the Saints


In front of my house there is one Sanjivan samadhi. My grandmother told me that that was taken by someone or our parents but we don’t know who they were. Actually, I would like to know whose samadhi it is and what does it mean? Is there any procedure to learn more about this? Please give me some information. It is very important to me so that I can worship them properly and also take good blessings from them.

Humble request to you, kindly guide me.

—Viresh Haldankar, India


Viresh, what a curious circumstance! Are there no historical records or newspaper accounts from the past in your district or city that could shed some light on whose samadhi mandir it is?

I honor your impulse to want to partake of the spiritual vibrations of whatever saint may be buried or have his ashes interred in the sanjivan samadhi. May I suggest that you begin your worship each day and include in your prayers the request to have revealed to you something of this saint?

What you might discover are the qualities of consciousness of this saint rather than historical facts like name, birthdate and samadhi date. Or, even these may somehow come to your awareness. This can happen not just in meditation and prayer, but there may come into your life a person or publication that will provide clues or even simply reveal these facts to you if your efforts to attune yourself to the saint are deep and consistent.

Another approach is to pray to God, guru, or another rishi that you do “know” and feel attuned with and ask for his or her intercession into giving you insights into this sanjivan samadhi. You could pray to Krishna, Shiva, or a form of Divine Mother with whom you feel deeply drawn or to a known saint who lived approximately in the era of time when the sanjivan samadhi was built.

Never forget that all forms are manifestations of the One, Undivided, Infinite Power!

Blessings and joy,
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA