Yogananda’s Predictions for Future of India


What does the future hold for India? India has good karma, but I feel terrible things are happening in India. People are fighting over religion and caste. India has bad relations with China and Pakistan, both nuclear powers. Did the masters predict any war involving India? What is the plan of Divine Mother?

—Siddharth Kumar, India


Dear Friend,

It is true that Paramhansa Yogananda spoke of the future fate of many nations.

Yet in respect to India, he spoke only positively. Swami Kriyananda, the founder of Ananda and a direct disciple of Yogananda, also spoke positively of India in spite of the many problems India faces as it moves from an agricultural base into the 21st century.

India and China have similarities in that both nations, and many others, are playing a fast paced “game” of catching up economically and socially, in fact, leap frogging the 20th century.

But everywhere on the planet we see intense conflicts between the old values and new, emerging, and experimental lifestyles.

Based on Swami Sri Yukteswar’s substantial correction of the ancient Hindu calendar of the yugas, YOGANANDA and Kriyananda aver that our planet and humanity is in an ascending age (Dwapara Yuga), and are not in a long downward spiral through Kali Yuga.

As a consequence of this view (which is self-evident in terms of technology though not in terms of ethics, morals, or Harmony), Yogananda’s basic point of view is optimistic.

What Swami Kriyananda spoke of is that India is undergoing a necessary transition during which materialistic values would be uppermost for a time but that in the long run the deep and abiding spiritual nature and role of India for humanity would reassert itself.

We are seeing this happening in the lives of so many Indians who come to Ananda in India and all over the world. What we see is a deep intuition, respect, and appreciation for the core values and precepts of Vedanta, Shankhya, and the practices of yoga-meditation.

This includes an innate attunement with the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali; and, an attraction to meditation (especially).

In the meantime, and in fact, throughout the world, not just in India, there are intense conflicts between narrow minded protection of tribe, institutionalism, political and economic power, and the rising consciousness of our “Oneness” as children of God and citizens of planet Earth, cohabiting our space with all creatures and all life.

So try to be positive and patient. Associate with people with high minded values and behaviors. Meditate, serve selflessly, be generous with your material gifts, and offer devotion to God and gurus.

When Ananda Moyi Ma was asked (during the turmoil surrounding India’s partition) if she could do something to stop the violence, she went into meditation and later said only: “Don’t you think that He who has created the world knows how to run it?” In other words, have faith in the rightness of all things, whether pleasing or unpleasant. Do you best to make your world a better place; to manifest qualities of kindness, generosity, wisdom, and love as an instrument of God on this Earth plane.

Joy to you and blessings in all you do,
Nayaswami Hriman
Seattle WA USA