Are There Self-Realized Masters Living in India?


Do we have living Self-realized Masters in India?

—Anonymous, India


Dear one,

Yes, certainly. Yogananda writes in his Autobiography of a Yogi: “India has proved herself not witless against the thousand cunnings of time. Self-realized masters in every century have hallowed her soil.” In this new century too, they are present. Swami Kriyananda once said that if they were not on our planet, blessing it, everything would derail (I am paraphrasing).

Similarly, Yogananda writes in that book: “[Sri Yukteswar] was one of the great masters who are India’s sole remaining wealth. Emerging in every generation, they have bulwarked their land against the fate of Babylon and Egypt.” So in this generation, too, true Self-realized Masters emerge, blessing, protecting, and saving India, as well as the whole planet.

We also read about Mahavatar Babaji who stated: “Though many sadhus here still wander in delusion, yet the mela is blessed by a few men of God-realization.” Also today, I was told, they come. Most of these supreme saints leave their hiding places only to visit the Kumbha Mela.

However, these true saints of Self-realization are hard to find. Often indeed they live hidden away, secretly showering the world with supernal blessings.

I know a few saints who are certainly highly advanced in the Himalayas. Are they fully Self-realized? I can’t tell. But these great souls told me that, for example, around Badrinath, in the caves, there are yogis from Satya Yuga, meditating, radiating blessings and light.

In short: be assured, yes, still today there are living Self-realized Masters in India. Self-realization is India’s specialty.

In divine friendship,