Can Kundalini Be Raised in Daily Life or Only in Meditation?


Hi Swami,


Kundalini energy can be raised only during mediation time or any common hours? when I was reading I got a pain and it raised from the bottom of the spinal cord (no exactly from the middle of the spinal but right hand side of the spinal cord.

Energy raising can happen somewhere around the spinal cord or ?

Sorry I am a little curious.


Sreeni VK

—sreeni, UAE


Kundalini is the energy at the base of the spine that pulls us outward and downward. Before we can achieve freedom in God, this energy must be awakened and united at the highest center in the brain. This means, first and foremost, putting out energy with will power. Paramhansa Yogananda said, “The greater the will, the greater the flow of energy.”

Given the association between kundalini and will power, it is unlikely that the pain you felt while reading, a passive activity, was the result of kundalini rising. To raise the kundalini, we need to do everything with intensity. Acting with intensity generates the magnetism in the upper part of the spine, and especially at the Christ center, the point between the eyebrows, to draw the kundalini energy upwards from the base of the spine.

As you learn to bring your energy into the spine and offer it upward to the Christ center, you will automatically begin to feel an upward movement of energy from the base of the spine. You may feel spurts of energy going up. You may feel a rotating current. You may feel a surge of energy and joy. This is the kundalini awakening. The more deliberately and consciously you live in the spine, the more the kundalini energy rises in the spine.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Naidhruva