Can listening to AUM free you from karma?



I've been practicing the Aum technique since a while now, there have been a few questions that have been bothering me, hope you can help me out

a. Is it not true that a man has to live out his karma for liberation, how is it that hearing the Aum sound can help you out in this process

b. How can the Aum technique help change an individual at the experiential level?

—priyal, India


The yogic teachings say that the world came into manifestation through the AUM vibration, brought forth from God’s consciousness.

In his poem, “Samadhi,” Yogananda refers to the sound of AUM as the “sound of the cosmic drum.” All creation is riding on the waves of the outward-bound AUM.

Since we are part of God’s creation, we can return to the state of union with Him using the same “mechanism” by which we were created, only in reverse. The AUM technique of meditation taught by Yogananda and Ananda allows us to tune in to the inward, rather than the outward, flow of the vibratory force of AUM.

By ever-deepening attunement with that flow, we gradually merge our consciousness with that of our Creator.

Karma is the force generated by our past actions. Bad karma keeps us from merging with God. Listening to the AUM vibration in meditation helps us overcome the resistance put up by our bad karma.

It is that simple!