Have You Seen the Spiritual Eye?


Hi. I've been meditating on the point between the eyebrows for quite some time now but I still haven't been able to see the spiritual eye, bright star surrounded by a golden ring. I meditate about 4 hours a day concentrating deeply on the spiritual eye and praying to God.

My question is, have any of you, ananda experts, seen the spiritual eye and for how many years did you practice in order to achieve this?

—Lemains, CR


Dear Lemain,

It’s not a good idea to meditate in order to obtain a certain inner experience, for example seeing the spiritual eye. Instead you should meditate in the spirit of offering yourself, and whatever comes, let it come, and if it doesn’t, fine too. Otherwise we easily become spiritual merchants, frustrated in the end because “we have given xy hours, but have not received the expected due reward.” Our motive in meditation should be love for God, and that love doesn’t expect.

Then we are all different, and God comes to us in different ways. If we keep watching at one specific window we don’t see that in another window the Heavens are opening up to us. You might never see the spiritual eye but still be highly developed. God can come as light, as sound, as love, as power, as wisdom… don’t limit Him to the spiritual eye.

Then there are no rules to the inner life, no fixed years how long it takes to see the spiritual eye, hear AUM, or anything like that. It completely depends on our karma.

If I now tell you, yes, I have seen it, will it help you? You’d easily compare then, or expect that same amount of time, which doesn’t make much sense. I actually can’t remember how many years it took me, and it doesn’t matter anyway.

Keep meditating, that’s great! But relax your expectations. Try to build instead a love-relationship with God, a true inner communion. Try to get still and then talk with God. That’s much better. Then He will give to you what He thinks right in the time that He thinks right.

In divine friendship,