My Ears Are Ringing at the End of Meditation


I often experience "ringing" in my ears near the end of my meditation — should I be concerned? ( I have meditated for 30 years using the TM approach — I recently changed to your technique)

—Richard Fyke, usa


Dear Richard,

You probably know that there is a medical condition called “tinnitus” (ringing in the ears). You can check it out online or check with your doctor if it gets worse, really annoying, or you become more concerned. But since you mention that this happens at the end of your meditations, I suspect what you are experiencing is related to the inner sounds we begin to hear as our meditations deepen.

I’m not sure where you are in the process of learning the techniques of Kriya Yoga, but one of them is called the AUM Technique, wherein you learn to listen to the inner sounds of AUM in the chakras. They vary from chakra to chakra. So once you learn that technique, you may see that the ringing sound gives way to other sounds and/or you will hear the great ocean sound of AUM itself. You’ll be instructed on how to do this.

If you already practice this technique, then check back in with the Ananda Kriya Ministry or whomever you are studying with, and ask for further help.

Blessings to you!

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