Gemstones and Planets


Gemstone Astrology: What is the relationship between the chakras and gemstones? (Which gemstone corresponds to which chakra /planet)?

—Ashley Dias, New Zealand


Dear Ashley,

Indeed each chakra has a planet and a gemstone associated with it. The associations are as follows:

1-Muladhara Chakra (coccyx center) Ruling Planet Saturn Gemstone Blue Sapphire or Lapis Lazuli

2-Swadisthana Chakra (sacral center) Ruling Planet Jupiter Gemstone Yellow Sapphire or Yellow Topaz or Citrine

3-Manipura Chakra (lumbar center) Ruling Planet Mars Gemstone Red Coral or Carnelian

4-Anahata Chakra (dorsal or heart center) Ruling Planet Venus Gemstone Diamond or White Sapphire, White Aquamarine or White Topaz

5-Vishudha Chakra (throat center) Ruling Planet Mercury Gemstone Emerald, Green Tourmaline, Peridot, Jade

6-Medulla-negative pole of Ajna Chakra Ruling Planet Moon Gemstone Pearl or Moonstone

6-Spiritual Eye-positive pole of Ajna Chakra Ruling Planet Sun Gemstone Ruby or Garnet

7-Sahasrara or Crown Chakra no ruling planet or gemstone

If you receive a vedic horoscope reading the astrologer may suggest gemstones to strengthen weak planets and offset the vibrations of inauspicious planets. Ideally gemstones are of at least 2 carats and flawless. These are not affordable for most people so a less expensive stone is also listed but it will require a larger stone. Gemstones are set so that they rest directly on the skin.

It is best to get a vedic astrology reading to know which gemstones are needed for your chart. Here at Ananda one of the astrologers we often use is Drupada Macdonald, He is able to provide a reading over the phone.

Savitri Simpson has written a fascinating book on Yogananda’s teachings about the chakras called Chakras for Starters. It is available at in hard copy and digital format. In this book she gives us this valuable advice. “The information included here about the colors, metals, gemstones, and so on may be interesting and is certainly fun to know about; it can be applied creatively in many aspects of our lives. But remember that the real work in the chakras comes through sending the energy inward and upward through the chakras, magnetizing the astral spine and spiritual eye through meditation, opening the heart through devotion and selfless service, and shifting the attitudes in each chakra from the negative, downward and outward flow to the positive, inward and upward flow.” This work is done with yogic techniques, especially meditation. If you would like to know more about meditation through Ananda a good place to start is

Many blessings to you,
Nayaswami Mukti