I Get Scared of the Blue Light I Am Seeing. What Is It?


I have been practicing yoga & meditation for few years (not regularly), which I learned from another organization. Recently I started practicing Hong-Sau, which I learned from ananda-online. Although I am focusing on my breath, somehow my attention goes to the eyes & I start see a blur blue circle. As I see it, it moves away and away. It creates a different sensation in my body (it feels like going somewhere). I am scared and come out of meditation generally. what to do in that stage?

Thank you.

—Kumar, India


Dear Kumar,

The blue light is the light of Christ Consciousness (a Western term). In India it is known as Kutashta Chaitanya (changeless Consciousness). Krishna is depicted blue for that reason. It is a wonderful sight you are having, much desired by yogis: the spiritual eye, even though you are seeing it only partly.

You say it gives you a new and different sensation in the body. What gets scared is the little ego. New dimensions need time to get used to. You feel like the blue light is taking you somewhere, which is true: deep inside, toward a contact with God.

Your experience is like the one a bird has, once its cage is opened after having been in it for years. It now gets afraid, as the world out there is new and vast, even though it is its very nature to fly freely.

Next time the blue circle comes, go as deeply into it as you can, with devotion. Overcome your scare a little bit. Next time a little more.
Let’s pray that your experience remains, because, alas, sometimes these things come as a blessing, and then they suddenly disappear and are beyond our reach. They are a gift from heaven. Receive and explore it as much as you can. That light changes your consciousness, your whole being.

In divine friendship,

PS… a little quote from Yogananda, since it is his Mahasamadhi today: “The colors blue and gold are nearest to the divine color. They are the highest vibration of color.” Blue, white, and gold in fact were Yogananda’s favorite colors, which he always used in his temples and churches. At Ananda we do the same.