I have been practicing meditation for a month. Very recently I am able to feel complete goose bumps in my body and it gives a chillness in my body. Does this show I am progressing in my meditation or does this have any inner meaning. Can you please help me understand it?

—G. Sakthivel, India


Dear Sakthivel,

Especially when we are new to meditation, our body and mind can go through some adjustments, and we may have unusual, and usually temporary, physical or mental experiences. The key is to not be distracted but to return to our meditation practice. I suspect your experience of chilling and goosebumps during meditation might be because the body tends to cool down as we go deep. Have something to keep you warm such as a shawl or blanket handy to put around you if you get chilled. I do not think the goosebumps have an inner meaning.

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Many blessings on your meditation practice.
Nayaswami Mukti

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