Hearing God’s Voice


How to hear God’s voice when meditating almost like a conversation with God?

—Jubai V, North America


Dear Jubai,

Thank you for your beautiful question. It sounds like you are already meditating, but just in case you need more instruction, I invite you to look over these resources:

Meditation and Kriya Yoga

To develop the sense of listening inwardly to the Divine voice, please learn more about the AUM technique.

All we can do is to improve our loving inner connection with God. Wishper to God from your heart. Read Paramhansa Yogananda’s Whispers from Eternity.

Please also read Yogananda’s Letter to a Disciple, and pay special attention to these words:

“Overcome all by constant inward calling on God and utmost devotion in words, thought, action, and obedience to Guru… I shall ever be with you, and through Divine Mother guard you from all harm, and will constantly whisper to you guidance through your loving self.”

As we strive to listen to the Guru in all things, we create a pathway through which God and Guru can whisper in our hearts.

Many Blessings,

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry