The Highest Technique for God-Realization


sir i want to receive that super consciousness stage in which we can talk with god? can u give me way to receive that stage? how we can control flow of energy and send it to god by the path of medulla oblongata by the power of will. pls sir help me.....

—Praveen Raghuwanshi, India


Dear Praveen,

The highest technique for God-realization was given long-ago by the rishis to the world. It had fallen into disuse by priestly secrecy and human indifference but resurrected for our times by Lahiri Mahasaya in 1861, near Ranikhet by initiation from the Himalyan master, Babaji. The key given to us is called, simply, “Kriya Yoga.” It is available everywhere in the world. In India, you may contact Ananda via our website.

If you haven’t read the now famous story, Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhansa Yogananda, read or re-read Chapter 26: Kriya Yoga!

On a more immediate note, and given the rich history of India with numerous God-realized saints and gurus and their disciples, there is a tendency to view superconscious states as something that we are “given” by direct contact with a saint. While this is true, of course, what is unseen and unspoken in this cultural image is what is called the “disciple’s part.”

Thousands, perhaps millions of people over thousands of years have had the darshan of great saints. How many of them were “given” superconsciousness? Very, very, very FEW! Why is this? Because only a very few “great” disciples are spiritually ready to receive superconsciousness. Thus, the real question to be asked is to be asked of God alone: how may I become a better disciple? Never mind how, when or through whom will I receive the direct perception of God. That is according to karma and grace but it can never happen until the disciple is ready!

As you carry on your daily sadhana according to the directions given to you by your guru; as you carry on your daily duties with equanimity, enthusiasm, and yagya in a spirit of nishkam karma; as you offer your love with deep devotion to God in each day; by these measures alone can we prepare ourselves for the descent of God into our body temple.


Nayaaswami Hriman