How Can I Invoke Sri Yukteswar to Bless My Life?


I have a strong fondness for Sri Yukteshwar Giri after reading Autobiography of a Yogi few times. So much that, i always wish to have him as my Guru and invoke his protection and guidance into my life for both material and spiritual well being. Can you suggest any mantra for requesting and invoking Sri Yukteshwar Swami to bless my life and be my Guru ? What can bring me closer to the Master?

—Rubin, Bahraind


Dear Rubin,

This is wonderful that you feel that inner connection.

You can use the japa “Om Guru,” repeating it mentally while thinking of Sri Yukteswar.

Or just using the name of a Master works wonderfully. In that case your mantra is “Yukteswarji”, or “Sri Yukteswar”.

Otherwise, you can learn and mentally sing his song, “Desire my Great Enemy.” You can even repeat only one little part, like “Night and day in Thy joy, oh my Lord.” Here is a recording. It is from the Ananda CD, “Power Chants.”

Remember in the Autobiography of A Yogi when Sri Yukteswar says: “What more liberating thought than ‘God is’–nay, ‘God’?” This then too could be your Sri-Yukteswar-given mantra: “God is”, or simply “God, God, God”.

When meditating, sit mentally at his side.

When needing guidance, look at him inwardly at the spiritual eye, and ask him questions.

Tell him, “You are my Guru” and offer him your heart’s love. The greatest expression love, I believe, which that Gyanavatar will appreciate is your sincere effort to find him as he really is: “Yukt-Ishwara”: one with God. So try to experience him as pure Spirit — and yourself as that same eternal essence.

Read his book, The Holy Science, and study it as he teaches: read just one sentence or thought, then meditate on it for a long time. “Wisdom is not assimilated with the eyes, but with the atoms. When your conviction of a truth is not merely in your brain but in your being, you may diffidently vouch for its meaning.”

If you have the possibility, go on pilgrimage to his ashram in Puri. There his body is buried under a samadhi-mandir.

He was outwardly unexpressive but full of hidden love. He said, “Yogananda, I love you always.” Feel this same love for yourself.

Joy to you with Sri Yukteswar,