How to Overcome Your Fear


What should I do to overcome fear?

—Roopa, India


Dear Roopa,

Thank you for your question. A person can have fear for so many reasons.

Sometimes it may be due to a tragedy experienced in a recent past life. I know a young man who was always afraid of being eaten by a shark even though he grew up one thousand miles away from the ocean. As a small child he would walk around the swimming pool to check the water for sharks!

I believe that he died in a shark attack in a recent past life. Subsequently, that memory was still vivid as a fear of something that could really happen in this life, even though it is extremely rare.  As a young adult, he felt that he needed to address this fear with a strong and positive action. So, while on vacation in Hawaii, he swam in the ocean. He made sure that it was a reasonably safe beach at which to swim. For most of us, swimming in the ocean is a pleasure. But for this man it was an act of courage. And he needed a positive experience to neutralize the past life experience.

Most of the time we don’t have such a clear memory of why we are afraid, and so it is good to approach life with a dynamic and positive energy. I suggest that you watch this video of an affirmation by Paramhansa Yogananda.

This is the affirmation:

Focus deeply at the spiritual eye, and repeat three times:

“I will with my own will, which flows from the divine will, to be healthy to be well, to be prosperous and spiritual, to be well, to be well.”

Yogananda’s Affirmation for Psychological Success can also be very helpful.

Since your question was so general in nature, I am also including some other resources below on how to overcome fear. Please also fee free to request healing prayers.

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry