How to Be Free from the Fear of Death


blessings. I have a question pertaining to fear of death. lately I feel like any pain or circumstance of potential illness of this body creates this intense fear that I am dying. and it bothers me. I want to confront and transcend this and realize there is no need for fear. I know this but these thoughts still keep arising. I meditate daily and pray to God and Guru for guidance. i was just curious to know what else I my do to overcome this fear.

—carrie, usa


Dear Carrie,

Of course, fear of death is common to most people, but it sounds as if the issue is coming up strongly for you. It seems that whenever issues become strong in us, it’s a message from our soul that we’re ready to face them and, ideally, release them.

Meditation is key to releasing you from this fear. In the Bhagavad Gita it says, “Even a little practice of this inward religion (meditation) will save you from dire fears and colossal sufferings.” The idea is that in meditation, you want to identify yourself more and more deeply with the essence of your being, your immortal soul.

In meditation you experience the qualities of your soul, such as peace, bliss, love. More and more as you meditate and feel a touch of these things, deeply tune into the fact that this is the real you. This part of you can never be touched, never injured, never destroyed.

As you go through the day, remind yourself that the body is a temporary home – you’ve had many, many such temporary homes. And you’ve passed through the transition of death countless times already in your past lives.

During the day try to keep your attention centered in the spine and spiritual eye and practice being a little distant from your own self. It is powerful to feel that you are watching yourself work, eat, relax.

You are praying to your Guru for help. Also, thank him in advance for his help in freeing you from this fear.

When the fear comes up during the day, bring your mind strongly to the point between the eyebrows and call to Guru from there. Feel as if you are offering this fear to him strongly through the spiritual eye.

It might help you to read Karma and Reincarnation by Yogananda. Included in it is what happens at death.

The most powerful way to get rid of our fears is to face them.

Blessings to you,