How to Transmit Thoughts and Feelings to Someone


I have been sending loving heart vibrations to a friend. Often she texts me after I meditate but sometimes she doesn’t text me. I want to understand the mechanism of this process. What exactly happens when I send love vibes to someone? How do they know it's me? Am I successful every time I send love energy? Is she receiving my love every time in her subconscious? How do I make my transmission better to have 100% efficiency?

—Gopal Pandey, India


Dear Gopal,

May I ask? Do you want her to know that you love her? Are you trying to conquer her heart by spiritual means? In that case, might a more open communication do the trick? A little gift? Might a little act of courage help?

Apart from that and generally speaking, such subtle communication is indeed a good thing to try to develop. It is the kind of communication which happens in the astral (subtle) world. Yogananda writes: “Communication among the astral inhabitants is held entirely by astral telepathy and television; there is none of the confusion and misunderstanding of the written and spoken word which earth-dwellers must endure.”

Such subtle telepathic communication (sending/receiving thoughts or feelings or images) depends both on the sender and receiver.

The receiver
Your friend might sometimes be more calm, so she feels it. Usually its a more subconscious recognition and it makes her think of you, and so she texts you. Only very aware persons feel consciously: “I feel that this person is thinking of me or sending me energy.” The calmness of meditation helps us to become more receptive as it calms the chitta (feeling) in our heart.

The sender
You can indeed perfect your sending process. The receiving station of your inner “radio” is the heart. The sending station is the spiritual eye. So focus on your own spiritual eye and concentrate on the spiritual eye of the other. Then send a strong thought or feeling. The other will receive it either consciously or subconsciously. Use strong will. Thoughts are very gentle vibrations moving in the ether. Feelings are too. They can be consciously received and sent. Receiving requires receptivity, sending requires will-power.

Yogananda describes such inner communication with his Master Sri Yukteswar in the Autobiography of a Yogi: “About eight-thirty on Wednesday morning, a telepathic message from Sri Yukteswar flashed insistently to my mind: ‘I am delayed; don’t meet the nine o’clock train.’ I conveyed the latest instructions to Dijen, who was already dressed for departure. ‘You and your intuition!’ My friend’s voice was edged in scorn. ‘I prefer to trust Master’s written word.’ I shrugged my shoulders and seated myself with quiet finality. Muttering angrily, Dijen made for the door and closed it noisily behind him….”

It turned out that Yogananda was right. He had developed his inner “radio.”

Two friends of mine practiced this kind of subtle communication. One of them would think of the other strongly at whatever time of the day, and the other was then supposed to phone and say: “Right now you are sending me energy, or are thinking of me strongly.” It worked!

You may try it too, with a close friend.

Good luck with your inner radio.