I’m Sleeping Too Much — Help!


My name’s Smit and I’m from Mumbai. I’m meditating from last 15-18 months. I remember that from last 10-12 months I’m facing an issue of too much sleep. I don't have much physical work, i have a sitting job, my schedule is not much hectic. But then too I’m facing sleep related issue. My sleep is around 10-12 hours a day. Sometimes it happens that, in spite of having good sleep at night i wake up in the morning and again i go back to sleep. This has made my life imbalance in nature.

—smit, india


Dear Smit,

It would be good to bring much more divine energy into your body and into your day. Divine energy, prana, is what sustains us, not food or sleep. In fact life is entirely dependent on a flow of this energy. When the energy is withdrawn the body dies.

Yogananda taught how to open to an increased flow of this energy with the technique of Energization. With this technique we activate and attune our will to Divine Will, drawing cosmic energy into our bodies to recharge every cell, our mind, and our soul. Most of us who follow Yogananda’s teachings begin our day with these exercises, tuning us into this infinite flow of energy — so we may serve, meditate and share with others as channels for this energy out into the world.

You can learn these exercises on our Ananda.org website here. Another very convenient way to learn this technique is with the Energization app which is available at the Apple App store and Google Play.

You can do these exercises more than once a day, and you might like to do so to overcome your current sleepiness. This technique also strengthens overall health and vitality, which is essential in these times of pandemic.

There are other ways to increase the energy flow within you. Take a look at your diet. Refined foods, excess sweets, excess carbohydrates in general, processed foods that contain artificial ingredients — all these are poor sources of prana and drain the body of energy through toxins. Choose raw or lightly cooked fresh foods that are only minimally processed and organic when available. Be careful of excess sugar or caffeine which drains energy. Overeating also can contribute to low energy so you could try eating a bit more lightly.

As much as possible be in fresh air. Exercise outdoors and take frequent walks outdoors whenever possible. If possible have fresh air or an air purifier where you work. Get up from your desk and walk around if you are unable to go outside.

Connect with others at work if you can and think of giving them energy as you do so. It can be through a smile, a little hello, or, if time is available, expressing interest in what is going on in their world. Be a ‘smile millionaire’ as Yogananda called those who radiate joy to others. As you radiate that joy you become filled also, as you are an instrument of Divine joy (which is a form of energy). This joy radiates as well through a ‘Zoom’ call as in-person!

See if you find more balance within using these technique and tips.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti