How to concentrate on agya chakra (spiritual eye) having conciousness on medulla dis method really taught by lahiri mahasaya and gurudev..if so why it is not taught in ananda classes?

—Vikash sharma, India


Dear Vikash,

I’m not certain to what extent that Lahiri Mahasaya or Paramhansa Yogananda emphasized having one’s focus on the medulla oblongata while practicing concentration but it is something Swami Kriyananda did suggest as a helpful approach to the medulla oblongata in meditation.

Here is a quote from Swami Kriyananda, from the book The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Explained:

The fact of the ego’s centeredness in the medulla oblongata (agya chakra) is not dynamic to most people’s awareness. They objectify their energy, and are therefore more conscious of its outer effects than of its source within.

Beginning meditators, consequently, when they try to concentrate at the Christ center, come at it from outer awareness, and often create in themselves a vague feeling of tension, even of confusion. Concentration on the medulla oblongata is not recommended, obviously, for the purpose of strengthening ego-consciousness. The important thing is to direct the energy from its natural source to the Christ center. The energy must be released from ego-consciousness to attain a more universal awareness.

That is why, in all cultures, the recognized gesture of humility is a bowed head. To reach the Christ center, one must first be aware of one’s present focus in the medulla.

Don’t hold the thought of ego at the medulla, but gather your self-awareness, simply, to pass it onward in a spirit of self-offering and freedom. From the medulla, gaze mentally at the Christ center (kutastha) between the eyebrows.

In divine friendship,
Nayaswami Pranaba

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