I felt white light like a weight above my head, then a flash of blue like a door opening in my forehead and more white light spilling out from everywhere, whilst I was meditating today. I want to go back and do it again, but I don’t really know much about meditation. I don’t do it often. Is this normal to see such things whilst meditating? And what does this say about me? As a child I’d imagine a gold light field around me and as i grew pure white light. Am I just deluded? I’m just looking for answers.

—Daisie-rose, United Kingdom


Dear Daisie-rose,

You have to be very clear in yourself if these experiences are an imagination, or if they are real.

Some people have such a vivid imagination that they are fully convinced that what they imagine is real. Yogananda met such a person who was certain he could fly everywhere with his subtle body, even to the Taj Mahal. Yogananda challenged him to “fly” just to the lower floor of the building, where a restaurant was located, and to tell him what he saw there. After his description, they went downstairs to verify, and the man finally realized that he had only imagined everything.

So please be very honest. Is it vivid imagination, or is it true perception? If it is true perception, it has major importance: the “Divine Fisherman” is sending you strong signals to begin to meditate regularly. You have highly spiritual tendencies, brought into this life from the past. These experiences, if they are true, are extremely precious.

It might be that you will lose some of what you have now, once you start to meditate regularly. The “Divine Fisherman” has “hooked you,” and now you need to earn these experiences permanently.

If these experiences are indeed true, but you don’t nourish that spiritual side in you, a part of you will never be happy, always feeling that you live a life that is too superficial. A divine memory will never cease bothering you, telling you: “Go within and seek the Divine!” These lights you are seeing, if they are true, are the Divine manifesting.

So in a few words: meditate, go within. It could well be that you are a very blessed person.

In divine friendship,

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