Is Reincarnation Real?


Is reincarnation real? What about identical twins? They have identical DNA and have similarities. If reincarnation was real, wouldn’t they be completely different?

—Kina, Usa


Dear Kina,

You have a very good question! A very thoughtful question, too. Many people have asked about this topic. It is a vast subject, debated for centuries.

The cause and effect process in nature, as it applies to human beings, is a principle worth considering. Remember, every soul’s karma is completely individual. Every individual’s karma depends on the strength of the individual. Nothing is random with karma, it can be traced to past efforts. All parts of our being-genetic, cultural, social, physical, and psychological are all determined by those past efforts. It is hard to know the ‘why.’ Such is the law of karma – ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’.

If identical twins are very much alike (maybe in appearance only), it would be hard to say why both of their karmas have dictated those similarities. The lesson behind karmic tendencies may be to simply help us re-shape our karma. The particulars of the lesson vary. Again, tendencies are individual. Also, karma means action and action can be good, bad or neutral. So the complexity of a situation as physical characteristics being the same is hard to understand.

A very good resource on reincarnation is the book Karma and Reincarnation: The Wisdom of Yogananda. This book contains excerpts from many of Yogananda’s writings. It has the principles of the scientific facts behind the law of karma.

Also, view this article, “Working Out Your Karma.” It may help you determine if reincarnation is real. It is not necessary to believe in the karmic law, but be sure to consider all the information presented on the subject as you decide in your heart for yourself.

Many blessings on your search for truth,
Nayaswami Hassi