Is the Heat In My Spine Kundalini?


I have been meditating for about 5 years and do mantra japa, before going to sleep, both in the afternoon and at night. In the afternoon after sleeping, my sleep will be disturbed by heat flowing-like sensation in the spine, which is quite gentle and comfortable. It goes up and down the spine, including the brain. If i sleep on my back there will be a headache if the flow to brain is stopped due to my sleeping on back. I thought it’s kundalini and i am not sure.

PS: i had Tb a few years back, and think this has been happening from then on.

ps:i had tb a few years back i think this is happening from then

—Ramchandra Naik, India


Dear Ramchandra,

You might indeed be experiencing an inner energy awakening. However it is not kundalini, which is not “gentle”, but a mighty, powerful, overwhelming river, sweeping you into ecstasy and Cosmic Consciousness. What you might be experiencing is what Swami Kriyananda describes as ” messengers of kundalini”: little first signs, awakened probably by your devotional japa.

You feel that sensation more right before going to sleep, because then you are fully relaxed, as you are lying down.

However the “headache” sensation usually comes not from a lack or block of energy to the brain, but because there is more energy than our head is used to. Lying on the back makes the energy flow more freely than lying on your side or on in prone position. I believe that is where that “headache” (which it is not) comes from.

You had Tb in the past. Sometimes it so happens that an illness makes us more open, more subtle in our perception. It is as if our body becomes less “coarse”, less “thick”, and spiritual perceptions become easier. That can be one good side of sickness. But in that case the body now needs strengthening, by wholsesome physical exercise, to be able to happily withstand the increasing inner energy. Both Yogananda’s energization exercises and hatha yoga are exellent for that purpose.

In divine friendship,