What Are the Lights I See in Meditation?


As I find deeper meditative states I am finding my focal point is mostly a light color. Sometimes it is a bluish color. When it is light the point is sometimes sharp and small, large and blurry, and shape changing. There are no identifiable shapes just constant movement and very peaceful. When it is bluish it is simply a blurry dot. Is there anything for me to understand here or should I just be grateful

it is happening?

Thank you,


—Tim, US


Dear Tim, Seeing a light or lights in meditation happens to many people, though not to everyone. Most likely, what you are seeing is a manifestation of the spiritual eye or third eye (located at the point between the eyebrows).

For most meditators, this light first appears in a blurry way and/or won’t stay still. But with further concentration and inner calmness, it begins to form up clearly as a deep circle or tunnel, surrounded by a golden halo of light. In the middle of the blue field is a tiny, silvery-white star of light.

It helps to visualize the spiritual eye as described above, when you are meditating, even if you don’t see it at first, or only see it in some sort of vague way. It is there to be seen!

Always, at the beginning, and throughout your meditation practices, pray deeply to God and Gurus for help and guidance. And yes, it is always wise to be grateful for any gifts or blessings you receive while you are meditating.

Finally, please remember that the things you see or don’t see in meditation (phenomena or other experiences) are not nearly as important as how you are changing for the better, as a person in daily life, as a result of your regular and deep meditation practices.