Meditation Questions


Haraye Namaha. I have been trying to meditate daily from the past few weeks. When I try and focus on the third eye, I feel a slight throbbing sensation. Is this normal? Also sometimes I am able to see lights, mostly white. Am I supposed to focus on it? I am able to meditate for half an hour to 45 mins in a do I increase this? My deep Regards and thanks. Arjun

—Arjun, India


Dear Arjun,

It is wonderful to hear that you are meditating daily. Keep it up!

Yes, it is normal to feel a slight throbbing sensation at the spiritual eye. It means that your energy is naturally gathering there, readying you for a state of enlightenment.

Keep your eyes and forehead very relaxed as you allow your attention be drawn to that point. Lights also come and go as you go deeper into meditation.

Yes, if you see a light, white or otherwise, at the spiritual eye, do focus on it; but also always, as I have said previously, do this in a relaxed way.

30 to 45 minutes, is a good amount of time for you to be meditating right now. You can increase this when you learn and have more experience in practicing specific meditation techniques. For now, I would strongly suggest that you learn and practice Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga meditation techniques. Check in at for ways to do that.