My Husband Died Suddenly


I had been living in pune since March 2017 with my husband. In April 2018 we were blessed by baby boy. Everything was going fine until my husband started to have chest pain. His ECG was done and there was some abnormality in his ECG but his echocardiogram and angiography came normal. So he got relaxed thinking he had no problem in heart. On 22nd September 2020 after returning from office his heart collapsed and he succumbed to death. I m not able to gather myself. am I responsible for his death

—Richa Gupta, India


Dear Richa,

First please accept the love and condolences I am offering on behalf of Ananda Sangha to you and your family for your loss. I am sending prayers to you, your son, and the soul of your husband.

There are no explanations for a sudden death of a loved one that will somehow erase your grief. But we do know from the spiritual teachings that each soul has their karma, God’s plan for their life, the lessons to be learned in each life, and the time for the soul to leave the body. We do not have the God’s-eye view of why a death may be sudden and a life short. Certainly, you are not responsible for your husband’s death. He received proper medical attention, and that attention did not interfere with the karmic plan to leave the body when he did.

What you can do now is to send your love and blessings to the soul of your husband. Prayers to a departed soul from someone with a close loving connection are powerful. See him surrounded and embraced in God’s loving presence and light. You can do this for as long as you feel to do so. When his soul is ready to incarnate in a body once more, see him drawing life circumstances that will advance his spiritual progress toward union with God. You might want to perform Ananda’s Astral Ascension ceremony for him which you can see at this link: Astral Ascension Ceremony.

The second important thing you can do is to dedicate your own life to strengthening your connection with God. Honor your husband’s life by using his passing as a stimulus to go deeper into your spiritual life. Your increasing connection with God will also be a blessing for your son. Our love for one another is an expression of the universal aspect of God as Love. Tune into that divine love that expresses through your love for your husband. As you feel that love ever more deeply share it with others.

God bless you, your son, and the soul of your husband,
Nayaswami Mukti