My Parents Saw a Glow in My Forehead


My parents said that when I was a kid they saw a glow in between my eyebrows and over forehead every morning they woke me up. What does this mean and signify?

—Dharmik S. Vadher, India


Dear Dharmik,

As you probably know, the point between your eyebrows (including that area of your forehead) is the location of your spiritual eye and also an of the sixth chakra, the place of spiritual enlightenment and the place where we are taught by Paramhansa Yogananda to concentrate when we meditate.

There is no way to know exactly why your parents would see a glow there when you were a child, but my guess is that they were seeing a remnant of a past lifetime, during which you meditated a lot and kept your attention at that point as much as possible.

So it would be very wise for you now to use this sign to motivate you to learn to meditate, if you don’t already know how; and if you do, try to go more deeply into your meditations, especially through concentrating at your spiritual eye.