Peace and Harmony Prayer


My sister’s daughter staying with us always creates problems and unrest in home which is affecting my meditation. She is now 18 years and a nice girl but very short temper and having fluctuate mind. Help me to make peace in my home spiritually.

—Roopa, India


Peace and Harmony Prayer

This prayer will help to bring calmness in your household. It is the Peace and Harmony prayer and it is very powerful. Start with this prayer and surrounding your household in God’s light and love.

Family relationships, especially difficult ones, are almost always for our own growth and understanding on how to love unconditionally every one and every situation that comes to us. You do need to guide and direct the negative and reactionary energy of your niece but it can be done with the same love and acceptance that God gives us as He guides us in our delusions.

See this as an opportunity to love when it is not easy. Possibly plan an outing or activity that will connect you and your niece. At the same time ask for respect for your mediation time as a very important part of the life in your household. Of course, after your meditation ask for God to bless and help you. In the language of your heart talk to Him and He will guide you and bless your niece.

Many blessings on your efforts.