Physical and Mental Challenges on the Spiritual Journey


I’m on my awakening journey and it’s kinda going bumpy. I am Currently, experiencing energy like pressure in my head, especially the crown area'' its like i can literally fell the ''brain nerves vibrating'' and pumping and my emotions are out of control from happy, sad, to lost, etc., and my hormones have a life of their own. Can you please help me with suggestions of what is the best way to deal with this chaos.

—maryrosa, london


Dear Maryrosa,

You do not mention if you are using spiritual techniques as part of your awakening journey. If you are following a specific spiritual path then the first direction to go with your question is to those who are more advanced on that path and serve as guides. If you are using spiritual techniques that may be available in the media but are not presented as part of a spiritual path where there is access to guidance it could be confusing and a cause for some of your ‘chaos’.

Perhaps you are ‘on your own’. If this is the case then I suggest you try foundation spiritual techniques that are part of Yogananda’s teaching which we follow here at Ananda. From your description it sounds like there is some awakening of energy within you but it is not focused or gradual. Yogananda advised that we use gentle but effective techniques of meditation and energy awareness and awakening, which allow us to safely and gradually unfold our spiritual potential step by step. I suggest you start with our Learn to Meditate Mini Course.

This course will give you a simple technique of concentration to withdraw the energy from the senses and focus on spiritual qualities such as calmness and peace. I suggest keeping your meditation quite short until your energy becomes more centered.

Another very helpful technique is Yogananda’s Energization Exercises. These teach you how to draw cosmic energy into the body and direct it safely into all your body parts. This technique can be powerfully healing at all levels. You can also learn this technique on our website.

Another important spiritual tool is to direct energy outward in service to others. There may be people in your immediate world or community organizations nearby who would appreciate having your volunteer energy. When we direct out energy outward in selfless service we have shifted our attention away from self-involvement into giving. When we allow the Divine to flow through us in service our energy becomes focused and spiritualized and we live in an expanded awareness beyond our ‘little selves’. I think this could be most helpful for you.

The most important point is that you start to feel grounded once more. Your spiritual work should lead to increased centeredness, balance and calmness. Only from such a place can you begin to tap into the peace of God. Please assess your response to various spiritual activities you may do. Are you feeling greater centeredness, balance and calmness? If not I suggest leaving them for the moment and concentrating on activity that moves you in this positive direction.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti