Seeing a Scary Image in Meditation


When I was meditating I saw a human eye peeping through a door. The scene was like this  — every thing was dark and there was a vertical rectangular white light and between it was a human eye on one side of a face, like someone was looking at me. I felt like it was keenly observing me. The staring eye was really strong. I could feel its force. I was a bit scared. What does it mean? is it something bad?

—swati, india


Dear Swati,

Our goal in meditation is to dive into Divine Presence. When entering this level of consciousness we experience stillness, peace, joy, calmness and other divine qualities.  We are embraced in a positive, uplifting vibration that can be life-changing.

You describe an experience that sounds dark and maybe a bit menacing. Unless we use meditation techniques that support uplifted consciousness, our mind can wander into areas with darker energies. I strongly encourage you to learn and use a meditation technique. Since you have come to where we follow the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, perhaps you would like to learn the foundation meditation technique he taught to everyone. A good place to start is our meditation mini course which is free at this link. If you find the techniques taught here helpful, there is much more training in meditation available on our website.

It may be helpful also to meditate not in complete darkness — have at least one small light or a candle burning.

An important point to remember is that should you have another negative experience in meditation just bring yourself out of meditation; get up from your meditation seat and involve yourself in some daily activity. As you do so, you can mentally chant. You may have a name of God that you like to chant. Or here is a chant I like to use:

I awake in Thy Light. I am joyful. I am free. I awake in Thy Light

By invoking God’s presence as you move about in your day, you attune yourself to the level of consciousness you seek in meditation. God’s presence will banish the darkness.

Many Blessings to You,
Nayaswami Mukti