Seeing the Spiritual Eye


I have been an atheist until the untimely and unexpected death of my brother. Following this disaster, I became very open to spirituality. I have been wanting to do meditation but can’t seem to have enough time to actually do it. However, most of the time, day or night, open eyed or closed, I see a pin point of dull white color almost in the middle of my field of vision. Does it have anything spiritual to it or its just an eye floater. I had never experienced it before my brother’s passing.

—AL, India


Dear friend,

I’m sorry to hear of your brother’s passing.

What you are tuning into is the inner spiritual eye, also known as the kutastha. As you increase your one-pointed concentration then you’ll likely experience more steadiness of that light. With that steadiness it becomes possible to feel yourself merging into that light.

Eventually you will be able to perceive the Spiritual Eye. When you behold the Spiritual Eye clearly, it is a golden circle of light surrounding a field of deep blue. In the center of this blue field is a white star with five points.

As for your desire to meditate; you can always find a few minutes, a couple of times during the day. Here is a link to help you in your efforts with meditation: Learn to Meditate

Blessings on your spiritual journey.

Nayaswami Pranaba