Seeking One’s Self


I want to know about myself. Who I am? why I am here? What is the purpose of my life — job, family, or something else? Why do I always change my decision? Why do people make fun of me? Am I not a good person? How can I find out myself. In our culture marriage is very important, and I am still single. Will I get married or not? How I should live my life? and if I will get married, how I can find that he is my soulmate? Sometime I feel I am good for nothing. Please help me to make my mind clear.

—Meenakshi, India


Dear Meenakshi,

The times we live in changed the old boundaries that supported our lives. We have to find out who we are by our own experiences. We have to find out the meaning of life by ourselves. Paramhansa Yogananda and other great teachers say that the meaning of life is to find God, that roaming in the world of the senses, wanting pleasures, money, marriage, will not give true happiness. True happiness comes first by knowing one’s self, the Divine within. Pure joy comes only through knowing God. This is a constant and does not fluctuate with each new desire, as the joy of God is beyond desires.

To begin we need to learn to meditate, to center our thoughts and feelings within our own self. Meditation can change your life and bring you clarity and banish confusion. I would suggest that you contact Ananda to obtain the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. I’m partial to these teachings but do know that other great teachers are also available. In India you will find our website at In America, for those who may be reading this reply, the website is These teachings are vast as they embrace all aspects of life.

It is vital to know your self, to know what direction in life you are to take, to feel confident, and to be a support to all without fear of their reactions to you. You can accomplish this through meditation and through the desire to find your true self through a spiritual path.

Blessings to you, Seva