Shaking and Trembling When Meditating and Going to Sleep


Hi. I have recently started to experience shaking, trembling and jolts whilst in going into deep meditation. I think I understand why these are happening, tension being released etc... I could handle this during meditation but now as I’m falling asleep these jolts are occurring?. I’m worried about these and would like some guidance. I have recently gone through a tough few months anxiety, insomnia but these have passed a few weeks ago. thank you

—Martin , United Kingdom


Dear Martin,

The shaking, trembling, and jolts during meditation and at the start of sleep might have a physical cause that could be easily remedied. I encourage you to see a doctor who can evaluate your symptoms. Stress sometimes brings out an underlying problem.

Once you have ruled out or corrected any condition that requires medical attention, you could try some gentle hatha yoga postures and deep relaxation techniques. If you are interested in resources for this you might like to try our Ananda Yoga which is gentle and designed to release tension and relax the body in preparation for meditation. Each yoga session ends with deep relaxation. You can purchase Ananda Yoga videos at Crystal Clarity Publishers. One title I would especially recommend is Relax and Reconnect. There are also Ananda Yoga sessions with Nayaswami Gyandev on and YouTube.

You say this problem is recent, so approaches such as mentioned above should return your body to normal functioning.

Many blessings,
Nayaswami Mukti