Solution for Family Harmony


I have a close family member who is rejecting me but acts like she is not. I apologized to her a couple of times. I must have hurt her which was not intentional. I have been on a spiritual road for 3+ years now, and I know that whatever I give will come back to me. She is much younger than me. When I confronted her she told me she needs more time to forgive and forget. She stopped calling me or answering my text messages. She is not being normal with me. I need help to overcome this.

—LS, United States


Dear Friend,

True happiness among family members has its foundation in understanding and kind words. Remember this as the basis for establishing harmony again with your sister. No matter what the provocation, remain in calm silence or use only genuine kind words. Patient kindness is more powerful than anything you could orchestrate on your own.

Having yourself been on the spiritual path for 3 years, you already understand the value in seeking God’s help and guidance. After meditating, in total self-offering, ask Him for a blessing in working with this situation. God allows problems in our best interest and always for our growth. You are already ahead in finding a solution.

Indeed, your sister may just need time and space to heal. Even if you feel it an unfounded reaction she has had, respect this reaction and allow the disharmony to exist, as is, for the time being. Even though your apologies have been rejected, maintain an energy of respect and calmness that she will begin to trust. Since the reason for coldness is unknown to you, your best choice to have patience and be kind and forgiving. Allowing it to unfold and shift.

The ultimate reason for being kind and forgiving is in a sense, selfish, because you will be happier if you put out that type of positive energy. When you can direct your heart’s energy upward to the brain and not let it sink down in the spine to disappointment and resentment you will have inward peace that you seek. When you can return love for hatred, calm acceptance for anger and kindness for unfairness you will have the “right” energy and your sister will magnetically be drawn to a reconciliation with you. That will be because she will simply see the love you have for her.

Here is a beautiful prayer: Yogananda’s peace and harmony prayer. This is a good prayer to do throughout the day, anytime your thoughts become discouraged or negative about the situation.

Many blessings on your efforts,
Nayaswami Hassi