Telepathic Message


I was woken one morning by a spirit who telepathically told me ( they ) were ready for me on the other side and was I willing. I’ve met no other human that has had this experience and I remain very curious as to why me.

—sharon, us


Dear Sharon,

Thank you for your question. You don’t mention when this occurred, but from your wording, I get the feeling that it was some time ago. Were you, at the time, dabbling in spirits and the occult? If so, that can often leave you open for any random spirit to give you messages. They do not have your best interests in mind. Such spirits often amuse themselves through dark mischief and wreaking havoc in innocent lives. Or it is possible that you had left yourself open in some other way.

You ask, “I remain very curious as to why me?”

The simple answer is that on some level you were open to it. I do not believe it was an angelic presence talking to you. Do not worry, sometimes these things can happen to sensitive and spiritual souls. We are protected if we don’t let random curiousity lure us down the wrong path.

So, how do we keep ourselves surrounded with Divine Light so that we are protected in our waking and in our sleep? Of course, there are many teachings on on how to keep ouselves in the Light. I will list a few links of some techniques that can help a person immediately:

You can find more resources here:

Healing Books, Mantras, and More

May you be ever blessed, and protected in the Light,

Mary Kretzmann
Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry