Should I View God as Father or Mother?


In the bible it says that God is the father. But i prefer to view God as the mother. Is that wrong ?

—S.K, Europe


Dear S.K.,

You are doing just fine! Although God is beyond gender, form, or any limiting quality, attributing a gender or form to God can help us feel clearer in our relationship with Him/Her, because we know what it feels like in our human relationships.

In fact, Paramhansa Yogananda recommended seeing God as the Mother, because in a human family the child generally feels closer to the mother than to the father, who tends to be a bit more removed from moment-to-moment family life. The classic conception of the mother is as all-loving, all-accepting, all-forgiving, whereas the father is more about wisdom and justice. That feeling of loving acceptance and forgiveness will help break down any thought of separation, so you’ll feel closer to God.

In the Bhagavad Gita, God says: “In whatever way I am approached, in that way do I respond. All men come, by whatever path, to Me.” God doesn’t care whether your conception of’Him/Her is “right,” because God is utterly beyond any conception. God cares only whether you love Him/Her. So use your mother conception of God as your way to approach God. She will come.