Experiencing an Embrace of the Divine


I so need to know what happened to me and hope you can tell me.

About 2 weeks after Mother Teresa passed away she came to me for a hug. When she embraced me I lost my breath and an energy force came pouring through me from my head on down to my toes! Then she was gone. Nothing else, just gone. I've been searching for answers to this ever since with no results.

Jesus came to me the same way with His arms reached out to me as a child but I feared Him and I was not embraced and He left. I was 3.

—Claudette, USA


Dear Claudette,

What wonderful experiences. Many would love to have these proofs of the Divine flowing through our lives. There are many examples of realized Masters returning to “embrace” their devotees after passing. You can read about this in Autobiography of a Yogi, after Lahiri Mahasaya‘s passing and again after Sri Yukteswar left his body.

The accounts in this book deal with disciples of those Masters. Does a Master only come to his disciples or can he appear to those who haven’t had any seeming contact with him?

It may be that you have had contact with Christ and Mother Teresa in ways that you are not aware of, in past lives. It may be that in this life-time, they have come to re-awaken your spirituality, to help you know that you are a child of God. Always the Masters are following us throughout many lives to guide and direct us so that we eventually find the right path that will bring us to the Divine. Their energy in coming will undoubtedly uplift your energy and thoughts for this life and give you the needed energy to go forward in higher consciousness.

Read the book above mentioned. It may give you more insights.

Bless you, Seva