I'm 14 and new to this spiritual stuff, so i started meditating once i found out how important it is. Its been couple weeks and yesterday as i was meditating i got really hot and felt this burst of energy. it felt like i was trying to float out of my body. It was a really nice positive feeling, i was shocked since i have never felt this before, after 20 seconds of that feeling i started to cool down it it started to fade away because i was in my own head.. what just happened? what does this mean?

—yasmin, United Kingdom


Dear Yasmin,

What a beautiful blessing you experienced! How fortunate that at such a young age you have found the importance of meditation in your life. This may be, for you, a ‘reaping the benefits’ of past lives of meditation and spiritual efforts. Wonderful!

Since I don’t know what meditation technique you are practicing, this is a general answer. Any meditation technique can generate heat in the body, as the energy moves upward in the body — this is a good thing.

Many experiences may come to us during meditation. Since the surge of energy during meditation was positive and uplifting, that indicates the energy generated was moving up to the spiritual eye. This means the breathing technique helps move that energy in meditation and is a valuable tool for you. The soothing calm and joy confirms that it was a gift and blessing, and you can keep this memory in your heart with gratitude. This will help you go deeper in your focus and devotion.

As that energy is refined and not random, it will lead to an inner realm of Divine Bliss and connection inwardly to God. If the experience had not been accompanied by a sense of expansiveness then it may have just been imagination.

A great resource you can read and find direction and inspiration from is Meditation for Starters by Swami Kriyananda.

Always, in your meditations, with self-offering and love of the heart, give gratitude for all the comes in meditation and in your life. Ask God to be with you and to bless and guide you. Offering that love and happiness upward to the spiritual eye will take you into the Infinite Consciousness that is all around. Never give up! You are very blessed to have found your path. Blessings on your efforts.

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Hassi

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