What Is the Soul’s Power After Death?


Dear ananda,

My grand father(mothers dad) passed away at his age of 86 at 2019 feb ,my father and grandfather had some issues my grand father dont like my father at all.

at the month of sep 2019 my father(65) passed away do to cepsis without having any big aliments

Am suspect that my grand father soul had attacked my father

(all may laugh but its my strong feeling )

not only me my mom and sister too thinking the same,

will it be true

does the grand pa soul has power to do this?

—Anonymous, india


Dear Friend,

So sorry to hear of your family’s loss. The “why” behind death is hard to comprehend.

This is not at all a laughable question that you have, especially because you intuitively feel that this circumstance with your grandfather may have been the cause of your father’s death. It is hard to know or say for sure whether a soul–after death–has the power to effect such action. Here are a few thoughts.

When the soul leaves the body, it goes to the astral world (or heaven), the subtle sphere of God’s creation, a universe of light and vibrations of pure energy. At the physical death, the soul, clothed in astral light, continues spiritual evolution in greater freedom from the body. This happens unless the soul has some unresolved lessons to work out that holds them bound in darkness. Still, God’s light awaits them.

There may have been a complicated karmic connection existing between your grandfather and your father, that goes beyond earthly ties, that may have obscured the pure energy. The passing of both souls very close in time may have been a fulfillment of some karmic understanding between them. Or not. It is difficult for us to see the whole picture of our own or others’ karmic plan. Trust that the highest has happened.

What is called for now is belief in the real (but unknown) purpose of circumstances that come, faith in the goodness of life, and belief in the Divine Hand behind all things. All conditions are neutral. They appear to us as happy or sad, good or bad, all according to our state of mind.

At this time of grieving, you can strive to send both souls your unconditional love. Send your prayers and your joyful inner assurance to them that they are in a better place–a place of great light and freedom from all pain and suffering, that all can be resolved, and that all is well and in perfect alignment with the Divine Plan.

Clouding your thoughts with doubt may only add more confusion about how the deaths happened. Connect with your dear ones now, primarily, through your prayers and meditations, sending love. Feeling God’s grace and presence now will help heal all grief and pain for your family, both on the physical plane and astral plane.

The peace and harmony prayer will be a good practice, helpful for feeling love and acceptance for all that has happened. Please consider saying this prayer throughout the day. Many blessings on your process of healing.

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Hassi