Why Don’t All Masters Become Avatars?


My question is about those few who choose to come back as avatars. Master and Swamiji say many become free and don't choose to come back, but there are those who have a desireless desire to help people and do come back; the great avatars like Master, Jesus, etc. I wonder why there is not that innate wish to come back and help others in all freed souls. After all, that is one of the qualities you developed to free you.

—sharon, usa


Dear Sharon,

I do think that most who have attained freedom, don’t, as you say, care if they come back or not. But many who do attain freedom are possibly not suited to coming back, and God feels they have done what He wants them to have done.

I don’t think that everyone who is free necessarily becomes the same as other free souls. Their individuality follows them. You can read more about this in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda.

Joy to you, Seva