Yoga and Pregnancy


I got married before 2 months, I am a regular yoga doer and now I am in a confusion of doing yoga. Is it good to do yoga after marriage and will it affect baby formation?

—lakshmi, india


Dear Lakshmi,

Thank you for your question, which I assume concerns your practice of hatha yoga postures, correct?

I would like to congratulate you on your recent marriage. You also sound ready to start a family, and so I offer to you this page of spiritual resources, Family Life Treasure Chest. You will find there many free online books and articles from Ananda to help you bring divine light into your family life.

A normal yoga practice in early pregnancy should not harm a baby in any way. It will help you to relax. Listen to your body, and the baby’s body, too. As the baby grows, some postures are not good, because you will be compressing the baby’s body, as well as your own internal organs. Make the safety of your growing baby your first priority. Later on, once the baby is born, and you have healed, you can begin doing postures again the way you like.

Please also do not do Bikram yoga or hot yoga, however, as this can be harmful to your baby.

You can find more helpful tips on prenatal yoga here: Is it safe to do yoga during pregnancy?

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry