Can We Know How Self-Realized Someone Is?


Dear Madam/Sir,

Can you tell me one of your Super conscious experience(If not yours then of any of your Brother/Sister Disciple’s)?

It is required for me so that my mind can prepare the mindset.

Can you tell me why Beloved BABAJI'S spiritual state is beyond human comprehension........?(I mean on what basis)

Is "Ananda Sangha" blessed with a self realised soul living in Her/His body?

—Viraj, India


Dear Friend,

I gather that you have read Autobiography of a Yogi. In that great book — a scripture for our times — is described many miracles and experiences of God (superconsciousness). A great saint or avatar receives divine dispensation to reveal miracles so that people can believe. This is natural because most people need “signs and wonders” to bolster their faith. If I were to speak to you about my spiritual experiences, or those of others, you would only have my or someone else’s word for it. How would you know? In fact, you cannot, at least not without your own developed intuition — in which case, you would not need to ask. Blessed are they who believe because they know that God exists; that God is within us.

Saints come to remind us of that truth and to occasionally use miracles to help us. Yogananda demonstrated to close disciples numerous times his spiritual powers, though he only rarely did so in public. (See the book by Swami Kriyananda, Conversations with Yogananda).

If I or anyone could instantly show you something wonderful and miraculous, would this change your life? There are many souls for whom miracles were demonstrated who were not changed. I have not had the privilege to meet Babaji but if his spiritual stature is truly beyond human comprehension, I would be foolish to try to figure it out!

When I first read Autobiography of a Yogi, I intuitively knew this was my spiritual path. It doesn’t matter to me (nor can I prove one way or the other) about the miracles described there; or whether Yogananda is an avatar. (How would I know an avatar if I bumped into one on the street?)

I recommend that you re-direct your interests and attention to your own spiritual realization and growth. God will reveal to you your path if you are sincere and are willing to work on yourself. It is useless and even harmful to try to guess who is a true saint or not; who is an avatar, or not; who is the greatest guru? Such inquiries are for the ashram gossips and newspaper tabloids. “The guru appears when the disciple is ready!” Work on being “ready” and you won’t have to bother yourself about the spiritual realization of others. A psychic may see auras but not be at all spiritual. In Autobiography you read several stories of people with miraculous powers but no God-realization.

If you feel drawn to Paramhansa Yogananda and Babaji, whether through Ananda or otherwise, take steps each day to deepen your connection. With depth, whether today or in another lifetime, God will come to you!

I hope this will help you on your spiritual path,
Nayaswami Hriman