Cast Out All Darkness


I am working out physical karma for the entity that was in my biological father’s body. However, my initiatives to keep my own body well, and be able to work out his physical karma, are met with his disapproval and continued undermining. Instead, exacting revenge is what he wants to accomplish. How can one be sure of the difference between these two directions?

—carlos, USA


Dear Carlos,

Thank you for your question. Can you clarify a few things?

  • Is your father still alive? The way you speak of him makes me wonder if he has passed on.
  • Why do you refer to him as your biological father, instead of as father? Is this significant in any way?
  • Did you invite the entity into yourself in order to help your father? If so, who taught you to do such a thing? It is a bad idea… as you are finding out.
  • If not, how did you come to the conclusion that this is indeed the cause of your troubles?
  • By entity, you do not mean the soul of your father., do you? I hope not! If it is your father’s soul we are talking about, then please use the word, “soul.” It is best to keep one’s language very clear and as grounded as possible when discussing such things.

I will assume, for now, that you are talking about a possessing entity. Paramhansa Yogananda did give prayers to help rid oneself of tramp soul possession once it has occurred. Possession can happen if a person becomes unconscious through intoxication, but there are other circumstances.

Please know that you are not in any way responsible to “work out the karma” of the entity. He (the entity) can work out his own karma. God’s light and healing angels are ready and waiting to help, once such dark beings turn to the Light. You can ask God to help him with his karma, and then leave it completely in God’s loving hands. It is proving to be too much for you, and it is not the best way to handle it in the first place because the tramp soul can get the upper hand and start calling the shots. You need to take the situation back into your own hands, though God’s help and the light within you.

Please watch this video of a daily affirmation that you should do every day. It will help to strengthen you for the task at hand, and in general. It would also be helpful for you to have holy items in your home such as the Bible or Autobiography of a Yogi, as well as pictures of Jesus or Yogananda. These things emit holy Light, and the entities despise the Light. You must increase your light to deal with this situation.

Then, follow with the prayers and techniques, below:

Paramhansa Yogananda taught:

If it is yourself who are thus troubled, please do these things:

  • Before going to sleep write an imaginary “Om” or “Amen” word on your pillow with your fingers.
  • Mentally visualize lights around your body and look into the spiritual eye and say several times, mentally or loudly: “I am Light. Darkness fly away.”
  • Also, touch both of your palms in front of your body, and then swing them behind your back, touching your palms or fingertips there, in rapid succession, back and forth, chanting “Om,” each time and you will be protected.

We also offer healing prayers, which would be very helpful for you at this time. If you would like us to pray for you, please submit your healing prayer request here.

May the blessings of God, Christ, Guru surround you now and always.

Joy to you,

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry

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